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-Integrated development environment (PSUITE)

Integrated development environment (PSUITE) is integration of various tools to develop the program that operates by SUPER-UX. Because PSUITE assumes that various tools can be used by GUI, and has the coordinated function between tools, it comes to be able to develop the program more efficiently than the method of developing the past the program and easily.

-Debug Support

In SUPER-UX, the following are prepared as strong debug support functions to support the program development.

  • Symbolic debugger that debug of C/C++/Fortran program is possible "Dbx"
  • It has the upper compatibility of dbx, and "Pdbx. " corresponding to the parallel processing program
  • "Xdbx" to operate on X-Windows, and to use dbx/pdbx by GUI
  • "TotalView" that it provides with excellent GUI and debug of MPI is possible