VFIVE (A Virtual Reality Visualization Software for CAVE Systems)

VFIVE is the general-purpose simulation data visualization program. It runs on the 3D VR device CAVE. This program is also possible to apply visualization and analysis of observation data.

If you have OpenGL and CAVE Lib, this program may run on ImmersaDesk(the VR device of 1 faceforms).


OFES (Dataset of Ocean General Circulation Model for the Earth Simulator)

These dataset are outputs of an ultra-high resolution oceanic simulation, which is conducted on Earth Simulator using OFES (OGCM for Earth Simulator). Three-dimensional data of velocities, temperature, and salinity fields and two-dimensional data including sea surface height, which represent well climatological oceanic fields.

ALERA (AFES–LETKF experimental reanalysis dataset)

AFES-LETKF experimental reanalysis of atmospheric data. This dataset is produced under the collaboration among the Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, and Chiba Institute of Science.

ALERA2 (AFES–LETKF experimental ensemble reanalysis 2)

ALERA2 is an experimental atmospheric reanalysis dataset from 1 Jan 2008 to 5 Jan 2013 produced on the Earth Simulator. This dataset is the second generation of ALERA. In ALERA2, the ensemble size is increased from 40 to 63 and the data assimilation system is updated from the previous one.