Since the establishment of the Earth Simulator (ES) in 2002, we have been conducting high-resolution atmospheric (AFES), oceanic (OFES), and atmosphere-ocean coupled (CFES) GCM simulations using the ES. The OFES project is one of the great successes among the high-resolution modeling activities, and results from OFES have been analyzed by scientists world wide, resulting in many important research achievements. To facilitate researches using outputs of GCMs for the ES, we have organized four international workshops, so far. Following the success of the four OFES International Workshops, this 5th workshop features 10-year progresses of GCMs for the ES and discuss future strategic perspective for the next decade.

During the two-day workshop, one and a half days will be assigned for usual presentations of research results. Studies including analyses of OFES, AFES, and CFES results as well as other models and/or observations are all welcome. Presentations on data management and visualization are also suitable for this workshop. Future perspective of O/A/CFES and data managements will be discussed on the afternoon of 25th.

General Information