The workshop features the latest research results on computationally intensive research in climate science. This incorporates the "6th OFES International Workshop" and follows the successful 5th International OFES Workshop held in Okinawa last January. We solicit papers on the OFES developments and applications and also more generally on a wide range of topics.
(i) application of high resolution modeling of the ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere, and coupled climate systems
(ii) application of ultra-fine resolution process simulation models with relevance to climate modeling
(iii) application of extremely long integrations of climate models
(iv) ambitious data assimilation research efforts
(v) other innovative ways to apply state-of-the-art supercomputer power to understanding the climate system

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General Information



December 3-4, 2013


Keoni Auditorium
East-West Center
Honolulu, Hawaii

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