Future seminars

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Past seminars

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No. 79 Dec. 20
Inverse problems in droplet coagulation Dr. Colm Connaughton
No. 78 Nov. 29 Finite-amplitude Rossby wave activity and flow adjustment
-an extension to the Transformed Eulerian Mean diagnostic formalism-
Prof. Noboru Nakamura
No. 77 Nov. 28 Toward Efficient Global High-Resolution Models: Positive Definite Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes with Spectral Accuracy Prof. Dale Durran
No. 76 Oct. 23 Climate geoengineering: science and governance Masahiro Sugiyama
No. 75 Oct. 22 Energy transfer and dissipation in equilibrium and non-equilibrium turbulence. Dr. Pedro Valente
No. 74 Sep. 24 High Performance Computing to tackle Turbulence Dr. Sylvain Laizet
第73回 09月04日
Evaluation of turbulent mixing associated with tidally induced eddies in the Bungo Channel and its impact on sporadic Kuroshio-water intrusion (kyucho)
永井 平
No. 72 May. 29 Impacts of Regional Mixing on Circulations in the Subtropical and Tropical Pacific Ocean Ryo Furue
No. 68 May. 24 Numerical simulations of Particle/Droplet/Bubble-laden Multiphase Flow  
第71回 04月23日
大西 領
No. 70 Apr. 23 Mechanisms of ocean-atmosphere interactions over the Kuroshio and the Gulf Stream Arnaud Czaja
No. 69 Apr. 16 Quasi-stationary North Equatorial Undercurrent jets across the tropical North Pacific: Observations, modeling and theory Prof. Bo Qiu
No. Date Title Speaker
第67回 09月05日
2010年猛暑をもたらした北極振動の極性反転に対する大西洋SSTの役割 大富 裕里子
No. 66 Jul. 05 Submesoscale ocean dynamics: Eddy fluxes and the forward cascade Prof. Amit Tandon
No. 65 Jun. 06 Ensemble-based Data Assimilation with the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model---Studies for Improving Tropical Cyclone Forecasts Prof. Takemasa Miyoshi
No. 64 May. 17 A new method for large-eddy simulations of clouds with Lagrangian droplets including the effects of turbulent collision Dr. Yign Noh
第63回 04月19日
WRFモデルを用いたアンサンブルデータ同化実験 國井 勝
No. Date Title Speaker
No. 62 Nov. 24 The response of the atmospheric Ekman layer and Ekman pumping to sea surface temperature fronts Dr. Niklas Schneider
No. 61 Oct. 07 Density-driven flow along an eastern-boundary continental margin in an inviscid, variable-density layer model Ryo Furue
No. 60 Jun. 20 The development and performance of NCEP GFS in a generalized hybrid coordinates Dr. Hann-Ming Henry Juang
第59回 05月12日
スペクトルモデルに対する3つの誤解 榎本 剛
第58回 04月21日
台風状況下の海面交換係数の最適化に関する基礎的研究 伊藤 耕介
No. 57 Feb. 02 Dynamics of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. Part1: buoyancy-forced response. Ryo Furue
No. Date Title Speaker
No. 56 Jun. 09 Adaptive localization and adaptive inflation methods with the LETKF Takemasa Miyoshi
No. 55 May 25 The Southern Ocean Carbon Uptake Takamitsu Ito
No. 54 May 17 Progress and problems in tera/peta simulations for Geophysical Fluid Dynamic processes Prof. Julian Hunt
MSSG - CREST Seminar Mar. 01 Fragmented programming technology for parallel implementation of large scale numerical models Victor Malyshkin
No. Date Title Speaker
MSSG - CREST Seminar Dec. 10 住宅の省エネルギーに関する研究 Yasuo Kuwasawa
MSSG - CREST Seminar Oct. 22 海洋混合層内における風起源の近慣性振動流のLarge Eddy Simulation Naoki Furuichi
No. 53 Oct. 09 The predictability of the atmosphere-a new interpretation of results Dr.J. Tribbia
No. 52 Aug. 07 Stochastic salinity variability in the subsurface: Theory and Application. Mr. Tom Kilpatrick
MSSG - CREST Seminar Jul. 17 Multiscale coherent critical point structure of fluid turbulence and its effects on turbulence mixing and de-mixing Prof. Christos Vassilicos
MSSG - CREST Seminar Jun. 04 Cartesian cut-cell mesh generation for large-scale environmental flows Dr. Nikos Nikiforakis
MSSG - CREST Seminar Jun. 04 Scripps' effort on developing dynamical downscaling technique Dr. Ryo Furue
No. 51 Apr. 10 The South Indian subtropical countercurrent Dr. Ryo Furue
MSSG - CREST Seminar Apr. 6 The Alya System: High Performance Computational Fluid Mechanics at Barcelona Supercomputing Center M. V zquez,
G. Houzeaux,
R. Aubry and J.M. Cela
MSSG - CREST Seminar Mar. 13 In-situ計測を用いた燃料電池ならびにCO2地中貯留における輸送現象の解明 Shyoji Tsushima
MSSG - CREST Seminar Feb. 26 市民と研究者が協同する東シナ海における海岸漂着ゴミ予報実験
Prof. ISOBE Atsuhiko
Kyoko Takashima
No. 50 Feb. 16 Potential Impact of the tropical Indian Ocean - Indonesian Seas on El Nino Characteristics Dr. Annamalai Hariharasubramanian
MSSG - CREST Seminar Feb. 13 ベクトル型スパコンのアプリケーションを侵食する GPGPU -GPU による CFD の超高速計算- Prof. AOKI Takayuki
No. 49 Feb. 12 脳神経系のモデル化とシミュレーション Prof.Shin Ishii
No. 48 Feb. 4 Small vertical scale structures in the equatorial thermocline and their impact on mixing Dr.Kelvin Richards
MSSG - CREST Seminar Jan. 23 多様な力学条件を有する界面における乱流物質輸送の多重スケール解析 Dr. Yosuke Hasegawa
No. Date Title Speaker
No. 47 Dec. 17 Mechanism for reversals Dr. Francois Petrelis
Workshop Dec. 15 Tokyo Institute of Technology – ESC Joint Workshop  
No. 46 Nov. 27 Impacts of submesoscale structures on physical-biological interactions Dr. Patrice Klein
No. 45 Nov. 11 Impact of sub-mesoscale physics on the equilibrium of idealized oceanic-gyres Dr.Marina Levy
No. 44 Nov. 11 Publishing with Nature Dr. Michael White
No. 43 Sep. 26 Geodynamo simulations in low viscosity regime Dr.Akira Kageyama
No. 42 Sep. 26 Simulation study of the symmetry-breaking instability as a cause of the dipole field reversal in a rotating spherical shell dynamo Dr.Noriaki Nishikawa
No. 41 Jul. 30 Computational Fluid Dynamics in Atmospheric Sciences Dr.Wen-Yih Sun
No. 40 Jul. 3 Late 21st Century Climate Change in Hawai’i Simulated with a Fine Resolution Global Model Dr.Kevin Hamilton
No. 39 Jun. 26 Simulations of stratified turbulence surrounding Meddy structures Dr.Lien Hua
No. 38 Apr. 24 Solar cycle effect on climate - Review and recent works on the modulationof the Annular Mode Yuhji Kuroda
No. 37 Apr. 10 A Very Short Introduction to Electronic Structure Methods Akio KAWANO
No. 36 Apr. 7 Dynamics of the Tsuchiya Jets Ryo Furue
No. 35 Feb. 27 Current status and future perspectives of CFES (CGCM for the Earth Simulator) Nobumasa KOMORI
No. 34 Feb. 1 Particle-fluid hybrid simulation of plasmas Dr. Yasushi Todo
No. Date Title Speaker
No. 33 Dec. 21 Coastal upwelling regions: an online perspective John Donners
No. 32 Nov. 21 Trying to Understand Solar Luminosity Variations with the Virial Theorem Antonio Ferriz-Mas
No. 31 Nov. 12 Solar Influence on Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling Mike Blackburn, Joanna D. Haigh, Isla Simpson, Sarah Sparrow
No. 30 Nov. 12 Establishing Equivalent Resolutions for Global Atmospheric Model Dynamical Cores David L. Williamson
No. 29 Nov. 09 Mass and wind Atmospheric Angular Momentum variations at intraseasonal and diurnal periodicities Francois Lott
No. 28 Oct. 26 Cosmic rays, Clouds and Climate Torsten Bondo
No. 27 Aug. 1 Towards a strategy for climate model development and evaluation Dr. Richard Wood
No. 26 Jul. 11 High-resolution coupled air-sea modeling for short-term forecasting Dr. Julie Pullen
No. 25 Mar. 1 Development of three-dimensional radiative transfer model and simulation of light environment in cloudy atmospheres Dr. Hironobu Iwabuchi
No. 24 Mar. 9 Software for Improving Scientific Data Access Infrastructure Dr. Russell K. Rew
No. Date Title Speaker
No. 23 Jan. 23 The assessment of Present and Future Change of Extreme Daily Precipitation as Simulated by IPCC AR4 Models Cheng-Ta Chen
No. 22 Jul. 13 Adventures with the Solar Barometric Tide Kevin P. Hamilton
No. 21 Jul. 11 High resolution simulations of general circulation of the Martian atmosphere Yoshiyuki O. Takahashi
No. 20 Jul. 20 Simulation and analysis of strongly stratified turbulent flows Geert Brethouwer
No. 19 Jul. 31 Hadley Centre coupled modelling: Progress and future plans Dr. Vicky Pope
No. 18 Aug. 24 Self-gravitational MHD simulations with adaptve mesh refimenet Dr. Tomoaki Matsumoto
No. 17 Jun. 22 Wind ringing of the ocean in presence of mesoscale eddies Dr. Patrice Klein
No. 16 May 16 FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Science Mission and Collaboration Opportunity Prof. C. Z. Frank Cheng
No. 15 May 10 Intermediate-depth Eddies East of Mindanao: Potential Causes Pierre Dutrieux
No. Date Title Speaker
No. 14 Feb. 2 Initial Hydrodynamic Results from Princeton Magnetorotational Instability Experiment Dr. Hantao Ji
No. 13 Jan. 19 High-Resolution NWP: Expensive Downscaling or Something More? Dr. William Skamarock
No. 10 Dec. 2 Quantum-mechanical treatment of three-atom system Dr. Hiroya Suno
No. 9 Nov. 28 Decadal variability of the Kuroshio Extension front:Response to wind stress forcing and oceanic intrinsic variability Mr. Bunmei Taguchi
No. 8 Nov. 22 Climate in a Changing World: CGAM's programme in understanding and simulating the mean climate and its variability Prof. Julia Slingo
No. 6 Nov. 17 Variational Data Assimilation in Mantle Dynamics Dr. Alik Ismail-Zadeh
No. 5 Nov. 4 Equatorial zonal deep jets formation Dr. Lien Hua