Subject No. 3: Advanced Parameterization of Physical Processes (Atmosphere and Ocean)

Sub-group for Variability Processes and Warming Effect of Tropsopheric Ozone

This subject aims at obtaining observational data for tropospheric ozone and its precursors in China, Russia and Japan for the purpose of validation of chemistry-climate model that will be incorporated into an integrated model for global warming, and to evaluate global warming effect of tropospheric ozone.

For this purpose, year-around observation of ozone and carbon monoxide are conducted at three mountain stations in China, Taishan (Shangton Prefecture), Huashan (Shaanxi Prefecture) and Huangshan (Anhui Prefecture), and at Russian baseline station at Mondy (East Siberia).

In order to verify and refine the tropsopheric photochemistry sub-model slotted into the chemistry-climate model, intensive observational campaign of atmospheric species including OH/HO2 radicals, the key species of the photochemical theory, will also be conducted at several sites in Japan.

Further, for the purpose of evaluating global warming effect of tropospheric ozone, emission inventories of ozone precursors and greenhouse gases in Asia at present and in future till 2020 will be estimated. Database with a 0.5 degree latitude-longitude mesh will be provided for input to the chemistry-climate model.

Observation network of ozone (O3) and Carbon Monoxide (CO)