Mr.Hisao Watanabe (office worker living in Tokyo)

Mr.Yoshinori Ohno
(office worker living in Tokyo)
Mr.Tohru Nakano
(office worker living in Kanagawa)
We solicited,and offered prizes for,ideas for the FRSGC Logo through the contest announced in the Newsletter and on the Homepage.We sought a Logo with:
  • an image fitting to our research purposes
  • a clear and attention-getting design.
We received 38 responses from within Japan and from abroad.
We are pleased to present the work of Mr.Hisao Watanabe (shown above) which was chosen as our Logo by the selection committee.
The two second-best prizes,which received honorable mentions,were given to Mr.Yoshinori Ohno and Mr.Tohru Nakano whose works are shown below the winning logo.
We thank all of those who submitted design and those who contributed to the selection process.