Dr. Taroh Matsuno, Director-General received
The Carl-Gustaf Rossby Medal

  1. Dr. Taroh Matsuno, Director-General of the Frontier Research System for Global Change, was awarded the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Medal by the American Meteorological Society for his "fundamental contributions to the theory of waves and wave flow interaction in geophysical systems"

    Dr. Matsuno received the Medal at the formal presentation at the Annual Awards Banquet during the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society held from January 10 to 15, 1999, Dallas, Texas.

  2. The Carl-Gustaf Rossby Medal is presented to individuals on the basis of outstanding contributions to the understanding of the structure or behavior of the atmosphere. It represents the highest honor that the Society can bestow upon an atmospheric scientist. The Medal is awarded to one individual each year since 1951.

    Dr Matsuno is the fourth winner of the Medal from Japan, following Dr. Akio Arakawa, Emeritus Professor at University of California at Los Angeles (1977); Dr. Kikuro Miyakoda, Professor of George Mason University (1992); and Dr. Shukuro Manabe, Program Director of the Frontier Research System for Global Change (1992).

The Rossby Medal and the cerificate of merit awarded to Dr. Matsuno, Director-General

(Taroh Matsuno Curricula Vitae)

(Brief biographic sketch of Taroh Matsuno)