Researcher Position at the Global Change Projection Research Program,
Research Institute for Global Change

The Global Change Projection Research Program invites applicants for a researcher position in the research objective as follows:
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Please mind that following information is run as a reference. Applications for those positions have been closed.

1. Global Change Projection Research Program

It has been widely known that changes in land cover/use and in atmospheric aerosols have significant effects on climate change. Vegetation changes (e.g., deforestation or cultivation) have effects on energy and water balances at land surface, while changes in aerosols have effects on earth's reflectivity by its own radiative property and/or through changes in cloud formation. They are known as major factors of climate change. In addition, it has recently been pointed out that change in organic aerosols emitted from vegetation due to land cover/use change could have considerable effects on climate change. It should be noted that vegetation change and aerosol emissions are recently marked in Asia, particularly in China and India. Their impacts are expected to be large, but combined effects of these factors have not been examined well in the previous studies.

We are going to investigate impacts of those processes on climate change by conducting numerical experiments using a global climate model, by examining the results, and by comparing it with past climate change data. A part of this study will be performed, cooperating with research groups at Nagoya University and Tokyo Metropolitan University.

Note: This research is a part of the project, "Impacts of the combined effects of changes in vegetation and aerosols on Asian climate", supported by the Global Environment Research Fund of the Ministry of Environment, Japan, for the FY2009-2011: Subtheme 2 "Evaluation of impacts of changes in aerosols induced by vegetation change."

2. Qualification for application

(1) We expect candidates having the research competence in the related fields. Candidates who have Ph.D. are welcome.
(2) We welcome applicants educated and/or having research experience in meteorology, climatology, hydrometeorology, or climate modeling.
(3) The successful candidates will be involved in the following research according to the project above. Applicants are expected to have a strong interest in those, and to be highly motivated with working on those research topics.
· Conducting numerical experiments using a global climate model, and/or analyzing those results.
· Conducting numerical experiments using a land surface model, and/or analyzing those results.
· Analyzing climate, land use and vegetation changes using satellite data.
· Analyzing Asian climate change using results of numerical experiments and observational data by applying statistical and/or diagnostic methods.

Any nationality, any sex, and any age could be applied. FRCGC has the principle of equality of men and women as it relates to the recruitment of all staff. With a view to achieving a more equitable balance of men and women in all positions, we would like to particularly encourage qualified women to apply.

3. Work Place

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, YES
3173-25 Showa-machi, Kanazawa
Yokohama 236-0001 Japan

4. Contract Period

Period of employment is from Nov. 1st 2009 (or as early as possible after Nov. 1st) to March 31st 2010. Employment contract is renewable every fiscal year depending on the progress of research. Maximum contract term of each position is three Japanese fiscal years, from Nov. 1st 2009 to March 31st 2012.
(Contract may be renewed to maximum total of five fiscal years (Scientist only), if the research project of the Global Environment Research Fund, MOE will be extended.)

5. Treatment

(1) Payment will be decided according to the JAMSTEC regulations.
(2) Traveling expenses will be provided according to regulations.
(3) The participant and JAMSTEC will share the premiums for social insurance and labor insurance according to the current statutory proportion.
(4) Housing lease service is available through the JAMSTEC housing scheme. Eligibility for the housing scheme is subject to the JAMSTEC regulations.
(5) A commutation allowance will be provided.
(6) Holidays and vacations: Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, the year-end and the beginning of the year are holidays. There are annual vacations with pay, special vacations, leave of absence for care and maternity leave.
(7) Other:
i) There are various kinds of subsidy system for personal interests/welfare.
ii) The Execution of Special Business Type Working Hour System is adopted for a full-time research scientist by the labor-management agreement with a worker representative.

6. Method of application

(1) Required documents
a. One copy of research proposal including the research program which you desire to participate in (A4 size, 1 page).

b. References (recommendations) written by two senior research scientists.
The references should be sent directly from them to Research Promotion Office, Frontier Research Center for Global Change (see below).

Applicant's name should be written on the envelope.

c. One copy of a resume. (with your email address for contact)

d. One copy of publication list including thesis titles.
Please separate those with referred journals from other publications.
Please include a technical reports list when applying for a Technical Scientist.

e. One copy of a list for competitive funds.
(e.g., Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from Japan Science and Technology Agency, etc)

(2) Submission
Documents for the application should be sent by post before the deadline.
*We accept only by post.

(3) Address
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology,
Research Support Dept., Research Support Division I
Ms. Hanako Ihara
2-15 Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka-city,
Kanagawa 237-0061 Japan
TEL: 81-46-867-9415
FAX: 81-46-867-9372
Please write Researcher position at GCPRP on the envelope.

7. Closing date for application

Aug. 31st, 2009 (The application documents must arrive at the Research Support Division I office by this date)

8. Selection and employment

1) Screening of application materials and interviews will be conducted.
2) Interviews will be conducted in Japanese or English.
3) The position we offer is likely to change from the one you applied based upon the agreement between successful candidates and us.

9. Screening

1) Incomplete applications may not be accepted.
2) Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant. The personal information we get through this recruitment is to be used only for our screening and our procedures accompanying. We deal with it safely and properly based on the personal information protection law. After our screening and procedures, we shred documents.
3) A health certificate should be submitted when the employment is informally decided.
4) A letter should be submitted if the applicant withdraws.

10. Notes

1) If you have further inquiries, please refer to:
Research Support Dept., Research Support Division I, HR, Mr. Yuichi Okayama,
RIGC, Global Change Projection Research Program, Dr. Kumiko Takata
2) Related information is available on the following home page URL: (JAMSTEC)
3) JAMSTEC became "Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology" in April 2004.