Public Symposium "Re-emerging photochemical smog and trans-boundary air pollution"(08/10/23)
Projection of Future Ozone Concentration Using Air Pollution Emission Scenario in Asia (08/04/24)
Realistic Simulation of Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) - Suggests the potential of high-accuracy seasonal prediction -(07/12/11)
JAMSTEC 4th Annual Public Symposium in the series of "Global Environment" "Global Warming learned from the Ocean" -Projections of Global Warming on the fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC and the Ocean Science Research -(07/07/02)
The World's First Successful Prediction of the Indian Ocean Dipole Mode Event (IOD)
- Alleviate Social Loss Caused by Floods and Drought -
Improved estimation of the degree of temperature rise due to global warming
- An improved estimate of climate sensitivity -
Development of a Global Cloud-Resolving Atmosphere Model
with 3.5km Grid Size Using the Earth Simulator
Director-General of FRCGC has changed (05/04/01)
Increase of Ozone over Wide Area of Japan in this Past 33 Years (04/12/06)
Reproduction of the Climate Change in the 20th Century by a Numerical Climate Model
-Attribution of Causes of the Global Mean Surface Air Temperature Change: Temperature Rise
in Late 20th Century Attributed to Human Activities-
Cause for termination of Indian Ocean Dipole Events Uncovered
-Abrupt Termination of Indian Ocean Dipole Events in response to Intra-seasonal Disturbances-
The latest global warming projection by using the Earth Simulator has been completed
-Increase of hot weather and heavy rain in Japan due to global warming-
Interannual variability of Baiu in Japan uncovered - A mechanism of air-sea interaction in the Western Pacific affecting the interannual variability of the Baiu front - (04/08/31)
Appointment of Dr. Eitaro Wada as Director of the Ecosystem Change Research Program (04/08/02)
Successful Simulation of the Pathways of Antarctic Bottom Water using the Earth Simulator(04/07/27)
Ozone from North America and Europe affect the Oxidant Concentrations of Japan -Trans-Eurasian Transport of Atmospheric Pollutant- (04/06/17)
Global Warming Enhances Ozone Transport from the Stratosphere to the Troposphere -Further Accelerates Global Warming - (04/03/19)
Toshio Yamagata, Director of the Climate Variations Research Program of FRSGC Receives the Sverdrup Gold Medal from the American Meteorological Society (03/11/18)
Arctic Cryosphere Links Winter Climate to Summer Climate -Understanding the Relationship between Winter Climate in the Arctic Region and Summer Climate in Japan- (03/08/06)
Appointment of Dr. Tatsushi Tokioka as Director of the Global Warming Research Program, Frontier Research System for Global Change (03/04/02)
Discovery of the Effect of Kuroshio Current on the Climate around Japan through Satellite Observation Data (03/01/22)
Completion of Global Chemical Weather Forecasting System (CFORS) Forecasting Air Pollution on a Global Scale (02/03/04)
An Evergreen Forest Largely Evapotranspires in Northern Thailand under Driest Conditions of Late Dry Season (02/01/21)
Experiments Commenced for Predicting Oceanic Variability Near Japan (02/01/11)
Indian Ocean Dipole Phenomenon's Impact on Correlation between Indian Monsoon and El Nino/Southern Oscillation (02/01/09)
Discovery of an "Atmospheric Bridge" Extending from the North Pacific to the North Atlantic: Seesaw between the Aleutian and Icelandic Lows (02/01/07)
Intercontinental Transport of Ozone Pollution Air Pollutant Emissions in East Asia Accelerate Global Warming (01/12/19)
Wake of Hawaii discovered to Extend Several Thousand Kilometers. (01/08/16)
Effective Control of Global Warming by Simultaneous Reduction of NOx and CO Emissions (01/07/30)
Feedback Discovered between Decreasing Arctic Sea Ice and Arctic Oscillation (01/08/07)
Discovering a Dipole Phenomenon in the South Indian Ocean Subtropics (01/01/17)
Recognition of the Importance of Long-Term Natural Variations for Recent Decreases of Arctic Sea Ice (00/11/15)
Successful Reproduction of the Dipole Mode Phenomenon in the Indian Ocean using a Model (00/11/14)
Prediction of Dryness in the Semi-Arid regions By the Greenhouse Warming Model (00/03/14)
A Dipole Mode in the tropical Indian Ocean (99/10/28)