December 1997
Frontier Research Center for Global Change

  Considering the importance of global change prediction in order to address global environmental problems, to mitigate the influence of natural disasters and to promote effective use of natural resources, the realization of global change prediction was proposed as a goal to achieve in the report "Toward the Prediction of Global Change" compiled by Subcommittee on Earth Science and Technology (Chair: Dr. Taroh Matsuno, former Professor of Hokkaido Univ. ), Council for Aeronautics, Electronics and other Advanced Technologies, Science and Technology Agency of Japan in July, 1996.
  Understanding the need, the National Space Development Agency of Japan ("NASDA") and the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center ("JAMSTEC") concluded on the "Cooperative Agreement on the Frontier Research Center for Global Change (FRCGC)" (hereinafter referred to as "Cooperative Agreement") on October 1, 1997 to realize the reliable prediction of various global changes.
  The Core Research Plan, i.e. the common implementing plan between NASDA and JAMSTEC, was compiled by the Joint Promotion Office of FRCGC, based on the research plans proposed by each of the Program Director of FRCGC and the review by the Advisory Committee. It defines a ten-year basic research plan for FRCGC based on the article 5. 1 (1) of the Cooperative Agreement.
  The Core Research Plan will be reviewed according to assessment conducted every five year by external intellectuals and also revised due to other factors such as research progress and financial state.