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Cause for termination of Indian Ocean Dipole Events Uncovered
-Abrupt Termination of Indian Ocean Dipole Events in response to Intra-seasonal Disturbances-

Toshio Yamagata, Director of the Climate Variations Research Program of FRCGC Receives the Sverdrup Gold Medal from the American Meteorological Society (03/11/18)

Discovery of the Effect of Kuroshio Current on the Climate around Japan through Satellite Observation Data (03/01/22)

Experiments Commenced for Predicting Oceanic Variability Near Japan (02/01/11)

Indian Ocean Dipole Phenomenon's Impact on Correlation between Indian Monsoon and El Nino/Southern Oscillation (02/01/09)

Discovery of an "Atmospheric Bridge" Extending from the North Pacific to the North Atlantic: Seesaw between the Aleutian and Icelandic Lows (02/01/07)

Discovering a Dipole Phenomenon in the South Indian Ocean Subtropics (01/01/17)

Wake of Hawaii discovered to Extend Several Thousand Kilometers.(01/08/16)

Successful Reproduction of the Dipole Mode Phenomenon in the Indian Ocean using a Model (00/11/14)

A Dipole Mode in the tropical Indian Ocean (99/10/28)