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Toward a New Observing System for Understanding and Predicting Indian Ocean Climate-Report of the Indian Ocean Modeling Workshop-04/12/27

Toshio Yamagata has been honored as one of the Leading Japanese Scientists in Emerging Research Fronts by Thomson 04/10/08

Hisashi Nakamura of the Climate Variations Research Program Received the Society Award from the Meteorological Society of Japan 04/06/03

Satellite Observations Reveal Kuroshio's Influence on Winds ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.24)

The JCOPE Ocean Forecast System ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.24)

A Triangle Mechanism That Brings Hot Summer of East Asia Has Been Revealed 03/06/23

Report on the Second EU-Japan Symposium on Climate Research 03/05/12

EU-Japan Ad-Hoc Workshop on Climate Modeling ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.21)

Questions for Climate Science from the Mahaweli Water Managers ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.19)

Finding of an "atmospheric bridge" from the North Pacific into the North Atlantic - Formation mechanism of a seesaw between the Aleutian and Icelandic lows - ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.18)

Interhemispheric Oscillations in the Atmosphere ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.15)

Indian Ocean Dipole has just started ? 01/07/25

Subtropical dipole mode events in the Indian Ocean ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.14)

Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment(JCOPE) - Development of an eddy resolving Kuroshio model - ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.12)

Relationship between Ocean Climate Changes in the Indian Ocean and Hot Summers ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.12)

Symposium on Indo-Pacific Climate was held 00/04/17

The unusual event of 1994 in the Asia-Pacific region ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.9)

Inter-Hemisphere Decadal Variations in SST, surface wind, heat flux, low-level cloud over the Atlantic basin ( From Frontier Newsletter Vol.9)

EU-Japan symposium on Climate Change '99 99/04/09