Global Warming Research Group

This group explores the physical mechanism of future changes of weather and climate, which occur in response to the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It will thus contribute to the reduction of the uncertainty in projections of these changes. Specifically, the project will investigate how the behavior of tropical and extra-tropical cyclones, monsoon, and the baiu front, which have substantial impacts on the Asian climate, are influenced by the climate change with a high-resolution climate model. The response of cloud distribution and thickness to the climate change, which affects strongly the amplitude of the future warming, will be examined with a climate model and observational data analysis. The possibility of weakening of the Atlantic deep ocean circulation in response to the climate change will also be investigated.

These studies are conducted as joint projects with the Center for Climate System Research of the University of Tokyo (CCSR) and the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) and with the Meteorological Research Institute (MRI).

Figure: The distribution of future precipitation change projected with CCSR/NIES/FRCGC climate model. The blue region indicates precipitation increase, while the red indicates decrease.