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Large-Scale Hydrological Cycle Process Group

Understanding the global and continental-scale hydrological cycle process

By using hydro-meteorological and satellite data, seasonal, interannual and decadal variations of global and continental-scale hydrological cycle are investigated. The mechanisms and feedback processes of these variations are also examined by using general circulation models (GCMs) and regional climate models (RCMs). Particular emphasis is put on understanding the hydro-meteorological processes (i.e., snowcover, soil moisture, vegetation, cloud/radiation and boundary layer processes) in Eurasia and Asian monsoon region.

Figure: (a) The regression map of the precipitation (mm day-1) and moisture flux (kg m-1 s-1) over northern Eurasia upon the precipitation index for the Lena river basin. Contour intervals are 0.1 mm day-1. (b) As in (a) except for the Ob index.