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Land-Surface Hydrological Cycle Process Group

Elucidation of the hydrological cycle process on land surfaces

At present,we are extensively studying the detailed process analysis of the energy, water cycle as follows:1) The processin cold regions underlain by permafrost, whose variation mechanisms still remain unclear,2) The process in the biosphere,such as taiga, tropical rain forests, tropical monsoon forests etc.3) Process analysis of a mid-latitudinal arid zone extending from Mongolia through to Central Asia.

We intend to apply data from routine meteorological observation, hydrological information,collection and analyses of geographical information, observation data from satellites, data analyses of continental scale under the GEWEX project including GAME, and utilization of data obtained by the FORSGC.

In the final stage, with continental-scale river basins as a subject of investigation, we will clarify one-dimensional and two-dimensional processes of precipitation, evaporation and outflow. Then we will produce a high-resolution regional model, and develop it into past and future predictions using highly accurate numerical experimentation.