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Climate models, which are constructed on the basis of the physical equations of atmosphere, ocean, and land processes, are indispensable tools for current climate studies. Various models have been developed and used for the analysis of mechanism and the prediction of climate variations and for projection of climate change due to increase of greenhouse gases in climate centers in the world. The mission of this Program is to develop new and highly advanced models by fully utilizing the world's fastest supercomputer "Earth Simulator" which was completed in March 2002. For this reason, a coupled atmosphere-ocean-land model with the world's highest resolution has been developed since 1999 in collaboration with the Center for Climate System Research of the University of Tokyo (CCSR) and the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES). As the consequence, the new model was completed in 2003 and global warming projection experiments started. Then this activity is transferred to the Global Warming Research Program.

Currently, development is going on toward the ambitious targets "global cloud resolving model" with the mesh size less than 5km to represent explicitly convective clouds and "eddy resolving world ocean circulation model" which can be integrated for longer than 1,000 years. Another target of model development is an "integrated global environmental model" to simulate the global environmental change as a whole including changes of atmospheric/oceanic compositions and land/ocean ecosystems in addition to climate change. This is achieved on the basis of research results in individual research programs of the FRCGC. Further, "ocean data assimilation system" is developed which assimilate all kinds of observational data of ocean such as satellite data, buoy data, by use of ocean models to produce the most reliable data sets.

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