Report of the 23rd General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG2003)
The 23rd General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG2003) was held from 30 June to 11 July in Sapporo, Japan. It was a first time that the Assembly was held in Asia, and more than 5,000 participants from about 100 countries joined the Assembly.

IUGG is an international, academic, and cyclopedic non-profit organization established in 1919. Its objective is to promote researches on earth and planetary sciences and their international expansion. IUGG have various research fields including hydrology, ocean physics and science, interaction of atmosphere, iosphere, magnetosphere and the sun-earth, which have very close relationships with researches conducted at Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC) and Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change (FORSGC).

As Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) was one of the main sponsors of the Assembly, FRSGC and FORSGC made a active contribution including participation of more than 100 researchers. Furthermore, in the JAMSTEC's exhibition booth with two main themes (Toward the Prediction of Global Change, Toward the Monitoring and Prediction of Crustal Deformation and Related Hazards), we have introduced our research activities under the theme of "Toward the Prediction of Global Change" along with the Earth Simulator Center and the Ocean Observation and Research Department. The exhibition booth was set parallel to the sessions, and more than 50 related companies and organizations participated to promote communication among researchers and technicians, research development, and release of research outputs to the world.

More than 1,000 people visited our exhibition booth. Among them, there were many specialists, friends of FRSGC/FORSGC who already know our research activities and researchers themselves. Moreover, we had several offers for joint researches with other organizations, and many people requested to have direct contacts with specific researchers. We thus strongly felt the need for returns of research results to the society, as well as research collaboration in many fields. Since we were able to introduce our newest research outputs to the various specialists from all over the world, we successfully disseminated our activities for the further promotion of our researches.

On 2nd July, the Emperor and Empress, who were visiting Hokkaido, joined the welcoming ceremony of the Assembly, and made a comments in which they hope that IUGG 2003 will bring the further development for the promotion of international research collaboration, and contribute to progress of earth sciences. They have visited our booth for about 10 minutes.

Panel Exhibition

(1) Frontier Research System for Global Change

(2) Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change

(3) FRSGC's Researches (Panel 1, Panel 2)
  • A New Look at Meddy Formation
  • Interannual Variability of Summer Water Balance Components in Three Major River Basins of Northern Eurasia
  • Cumulus Convection and Water Vapor Feedback in Global Warming
  • Global Chemical Weather Forecasting System
  • Development of a terrestrial carbon cycle model (Sim-CYCLE)

(4) FORSGC's Researches
  • The First Estimate of the Mean Volume Transport of Northeastward Current Southeast of Okinawa
  • Rainfall Variability over the Indonesian Maritime ContinentĦĦand Its Relation to Convection Activities

(5) International Co-operation

(6) Future Plan