Introduction of research results in the FRSGC
In the FRONTIER Newsletter, we introduce research results of the FRSGC upon occasion.

Interhemispheric Oscillations in the Atmosphere
-Dr.Zhaoyong Guan(Climate Variations Research Program) , Dr.Toshio Yamagata(Program Director,Climate Variations Research Program)

Indirect Long-term Global Radiative Cooling from NOx Emissions
-Dr. Oliver Wild(Atmospheric Composition Research Program)

Subtropical dipole mode events in the Indian Ocean
- Swadhin Behera(Climate Variations Research Program) and Toshio Yamagata(Program Director,Climate Variations Research Program)

Study of the Possible Impacts of Global Warming on the Winter Cyclone Activity over the East Asia-Pacific Region with a High-resolution AGCM
- Dr. Quanzhen Geng(Global Warming Research Program), Dr. Masato Sugi(Meteorological Research Institute)

A marine ecosystem model coupled with Nitrogen-Silicon-Carbon cycles
- Dr. Yasuhiro Yamanaka (Global Warming Research Program)

Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment(JCOPE) - Development of an eddy resolving Kuroshio model -
Dr.Yasumasa Miyazawa(Climate Variations Research Program)

On going physical validations of a high-resolution oceanic general circulation model:Wind-driven Circulation in the Pacific basin
-Hideharu Sasaki(Integrated Modeling Research Program)

The Effect of Cloud Condensation Nuclei on the Optical Properties of Clouds
Naomi Kuba

Why is CO2 gas balance important for the water balance between vegetation and the atmosphere?
-Katsunori Tanaka

Delectability of Summer Dryness Caused by Greenhouse Warming

Inter-Hemisphere Decadal Variations in SST, surface wind, heat flux, low-level cloud over the Atlantic basin
-Youichi Tanimoto (Climate Variations Research Program), Shangping Xie (IPRC)

The unusual event of 1994 in the Asia-Pacific region
Swadhin Kumar Behera (Climate Variations Research Program)

•External Announcement Status of FRSGC researchers during Jan - Mar, 2001

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