The FRCGC promotes many joint activities, by participating in the advisory committees of the various organizations below, offering additional posts, and joint research among the organizations (as of april 2004). In addition, we introduce organizations and academic societies related to prediction of global change research.

Hokkaido Univ., Graduate school of Environmental Earth Science
    As an independent graduate school, the main research themes is environmental earth science. It consists of 4 divisions, such as Geoscience, Bioscience, Material Science and Oceanic Atmospheric science.
Hokkaido Univ., The Institute of Low Temperature Science
    In April 1995, this Institute was reorganized to provide a wide variety of opportunities for cooperative research with domestic and foreign scientists to promote both basic scientific research at low temperature and also applied research on natural phenomena in cold regions.
Chiba Univ., Environmental Remote Sensing Center
    Conducts research on global and regional environment through remote sensing. Since April 1997, it has provided processed image data of NOAA-GMS as utilization of the institute for nationwide collaboration of academic communities.
Univ. of Tsukuba, Geoscience
    In climatology and meteorology, they elucidate causal mutual relations, dividing horizontal, vertical and temporal variations of the global atmospheric phenomena into large, medium and small scales.
The Univ. of Tokyo, the Department of Earth and Planetary Science of the Graduate School of Science
    The core faculty of the department is divided into five research group, Oceanic and Atmospheric Science, Space and Planetary Science, Solid Earth Science, and Geosphere and Biosphere Science.
The Univ. of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science
    Consists of various branches corresponding to almost all the fields of engineering. It is an integrated technological institute, aiming at creating a new discipline by integrating creative researches in various fields with those incorporating their respective research.
The Univ. of Tokyo, Ocean Research Institute
    Conducts basic research on overall marine matters, and currently implements a joint research with the FRCGC using a cloud analysis model.
The Univ. of Tokyo, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
    Established in 1987 with the long-term goal of revitalizing the science and technology fields of research and development through new, interdisciplinary approach to fundamental research. It has a revolutionary new concept in Japanese national research.
Nagoya Univ. Hydrospheric and Atmospheric Research Center (HyARC)
    HyARC, established on April 1, 2001, aims at comprehensive elucidation of the hydrological cycle structure and the global change structure in various time and space scales, as paying attention to the activities of land and marine life.
Kyushu Univ. Research Institute for Applied Mechanics
    At this institute, unexplored research field of wide range, which related to the ocean, atmosphere and high-temperature plasma is developed with the advanced research regarding fundamental dynamic phenomenon as a common basis.