FRSGC Annual Symposium 2000 presented about 50 latest research results to over 300 participants

Mr. Takuya Hirano,
President of JAMSTEC

Mr. Motohide Konaka,Deputy Director-General of
Research and Development Bureau, STA

On March 24 to 25, 2000, the Frontier Research System for Global Change(FRSGC) held its second Annual Symposium at KOKUYO Hall, Tokyo. The Symposium was aimed to release reports on current FRSGC research activities to the public seeking better understanding and clues for improvement of research quality though discussion with the participants. Reflecting the growing attention to the Global Change studies and recognition on FRSGC activities, over three hundred participants from governmental, academic and private institutions as well as general public joined the Symposium.

The Symposium opened with addresses of Mr.Takuya Hirano, President of JAMSTEC who represented the host and Mr. Motohide Konaka, Deputy Director-General of Research and Development Bureau, Science and Technology Agency. They both expressed their anticipation for further development of FRSGC's research activities, and emphasized importance of making research results public.

In the first session, Dr.Matsuno, Director-General, reviewed overall FRSGC researches and achievements in the fiscal year 1999. Directors of each Research Program illustrated objectives,goals and current results of their field respectively. In the second session, selected researchers of each program delivered their latest research results. It started with 10 researchers of Climate Variations Research Program and 4 from International Pacific Research Center followed.

On 25 th March, presentations continued in the following order; 9 researchers from Hydrological Cycle Research Program, 8 from Global Warming Research Program, 6 from International Arctic Research Center, 3 from Atomospheric Composition ChangeResearch Program, and 2 from Model Integration Program.(see below program) Participants eagerly raised questions and comments, which made discussions fruitful and profitable. Their remarks also contributed to bring about better understanding for FRSGC as well as to provide guides to future improvement of research quality.

At 7 :00 PM, FRSGC Annual Symposium 2000 was adjourned by the Director-General Dr.Matsuno with his closing remarks that announced a success of the Symposium and his expectations to all researchers for their continuing challenges. Additionally, FRSGC Joint Promotion Office would like to extend its gratitude to many participants who responded to the questionnaire circulated at the Symposium, suggesting helpful ideas for better research activities and promotion system of FRSGC.


Program directors presenting research results