Future of Our Planet in Our View
-Global Warming and Extreme Weather-

Report of FRSGC/FORSGC Annual Symposium 2003


The Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC) and the Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change (FORSGC), established as national projects to accomplish the goal of "Prediction of Global Change", have been conducting process and observational researches for this past few years. Resulting from our activities to elucidate various aspects of earth system, we have succeeded in discovering many natural phenomena, and matching of modeling outcomes and observation results, and so forth.

Our fifth Symposium, since establishment, was organized in Kokuyo Hall, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, from 19 to 20 March 2003 for two days.
Director-General Matsuno


Professor Takayanagi

Starting from last year, we organized this year's Symposium as a good opportunity to introduce our activities in relation to our life, as we are making effort to promote basic research in natural sciences for attaining the coexistence of the human and the nature. This year, we have introduced two themes, "Global warming and Extreme Weather", and professor Yuichi Takayanagi of High Energy Accelerator Research Organization kindly served as a master of ceremony. We have presented our research results independently from different systems, and programs, and selected the relative topics for this years main themes, such as "How Much do the Forest and the Sea Uptake Carbon Dioxide?" and "Asian Monsoon ? Rain and Cloud of the Western Pacific".


For special lectures, we have invited Dr. Ichikawa, Chair of Climate Change Division, Global warming Research Initiative, Council for Science and Technology Policy, Dr. Yamamoto, Director-General of Japan Meteorological Agency, Dr. Morita, Director of Social and Environmental Systems Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies, and Mr. Sugawa, Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to talk about hopes and prospects for our research activities. We have then invited as a guest lecturer, Mr. Yoshizumi Ishihara, actor and also certified weather forecaster, who kindly spoke about his personal episodes to be a certified weather forecaster and his daily whether forecast program, as well as his thoughts towards the earth environment, under the title "Look Up at the Sky."

Dr. Yamamoto
Director-General of
Japan Meteorological Agency
Dr. Morita,
Director of Social and
Environmental Systems Division
Mr. Yoshizumi Ishihara


In the exhibition hall, each program presented their own booth, which became a good opportunity to introduce our recent research results directly from the researchers.

We have received many encouraging feedbacks that both FRSGC/FORSGC should keep up with our "frontier" researches for our earth environment. We should like to dedicate our research activities to elucidate the earth mechanisms and contribute for the enhancement of our society.

The Symposium ended successfully with many participants in these two days. We should like to thank you for all of you who took your time to join our biggest event of the year.

March. 19      March. 20

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