EU-Japan Symposium
on Climate Change '99

   On March 5th, 1999, "EU-Japan Symposium on Climate Change '99" was held under the sponsorship of the FRSGC at Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho. The symposium was the first step toward the cooperation between the EU and Japan regarding researches on prediction of global change, which was discussed at the third Japan-EU Forum on Science and Technology in September, 1998(*). The purposes of the symposium were to exchange opinions toward the cooperation and to disseminate research activities of both sides to the public.
   The opening remarks were given by Mr. Uchida, President of NASDA, representeing Japan, followed by Dr. Anver Ghazi, Biodiversity and Global Change Unit Head of DG XII, representing the EU.

Mr. Uchida
President of NASDA

   Session 1 was held on the subject of "Climate Change; Research Strategy and System in Japan and in EU." Mr. Ikeda, Director General, Research and Development Bureau, STA,gave the presentation on "Japanese Policies and Research System regarding Global Change," and Dr. Ghazi then gave the presentation entitled "Climate Change Research: A European Perspective." After Director-General Dr. Matsuno's presentation on "Current Status of the FRSGC," Dr. Tani, Senior Researcher, Earth Simulator Research and Development Center, reported on "Development of Earth Simulator." Then followed introductions of researches on climate in Germany and Denmark from the EU side.

Mr. Ikeda, Director General,
Research and Development
Bureau, STA

   Session 2, "Climate Change: Research in Japan and in EU," started with the presentation on "Monsoon Oceanography" by Dr. Yamagata, Program Director of the FRSGC. It proceeded to interesting presentations from various fields regarding climate change by Japanese and European researchers.

   The recommendations from EU-Japan Workshop on Climate Change '99 were discussed in Session 3 with the participants of the symposium. The discussion came to suggest the enhancement of bilateral cooperation, by means of sharing of research resources, active exchange of researches, research data analyses, and data assimilation. (During the discussion)

Mr. Chijiya
Director General, JAMSTEC

   As a closing address, Mr.Chijiya, Director General, JAMSTEC, expressed his sincere expectations to bilateral research cooperation in the field of global change. The symposium then ended successfully.

(*) According to an agreement at the fifth Japan-EU Ministerial Meeting, the Forum was established by the EU Commission and the Japanese government with the objects of discussing bilateral activities and adjusting policies.

Commemorative photo of staffs