Presentation of the results of selected researches
conducted at the FRSGC

   The presentation of the results of the selected FRSGC researches, entitled "Toward the Prediction of Global Change," was held at Hamarikyu Asahi Hall in Tokyo on February 25th and 26th. Its purposes were to release the results of the researches conducted at the FRSGC in FY1998, and the improve the research level through discussions among researchers. The participants numbered more than 250 including FRSGC researchers in Japan and from abroad, people from related organizations, and the general public. It has been made clear that the researches on global change are receiving high attention and people expect much from the FRSGC.

Mr. Ikeda, Director General,
Research and Development Bureau, STA,
giving a guest speech
   The first session started with the remarks by Mr. Hirano, President of JAMSTEC, on behalf of the host organizations, NASDA and JAMSTEC, which jointly operate the FRSGC. Then followed a guest address by Mr. Ikeda, Director General, Research and Development Bureau, STA. After the presentation on the current situation of the FRSGC by Dr. Matsuno, Director-General, the Program Directors introduced the results of each program in their charge.

   At the second session, the researchers of each program reported their individual results in English. Firstly, with Dr. Yamagata in the chair, 14 researchers of the Climate Variations Research Program explained their results, followed by the presentations of 4 researchers from the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC).

Mr. Hirano, President of JAMSTEC,
making opening remarks representing
the host organization
   On the second day, the presentations were given in the following order: 9 researchers from the Hydrological Cycle Research Program chaired by Program Director Dr. Yasunari, 2 from the Integrated modeling Research Program chaired by Director-General Dr. Matsuno, 6 from the Global Warming Research Program chaired by Program Director Dr. Manabe, 5 from the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) chaired by Program Director Dr. Ikeda. As for the Atmospheric Composition Research Program, Program Director Dr. Akimoto reported his results. Respective researches were better understood by a number of keen questions from researchers of the floor and active exchange of opinions time and again.

The well-attended presentation was adjourned by Director-General Dr. Matsuno's closing address concluding the presentation to be successful and expressing his expectations to each researcher in the years ahead.

Dr. Manabe, Program Director,
Global Warming Research Program
Dr. Ikeda, Program Director,
International Arctic Research Center (IARC)