Receipt of 2002 Haagen-Smit Award by Hajime Akimoto

Hajime Akimoto, Director of Atmospheric Composition Research Program, Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC) has received the 2002 Haagen-Smit Award. The Award was newly founded in 2001 being named after the discoverer of photochemical smog in Los Angeles. The nominees are selected from articles appeared in Atmospheric Environment journal in the past, and two papers are selected each year.


The awarded article is; N. Kato and H. Akimoto, "Anthropogenic Emissions of SO2 and NOx in Asia: Emission Inventories", Atmospheric Environment, 26A, 2997-3017, 1992. In this paper, anthropogenic emissions of SO2 and NOx were estimated for 1975-1987 on country-bases in whole area of Asia. The paper, a pioneering work of this kind, has been cited more than 150 times, and widely used in atmospheric chemistry research using chemical-transport models.

The study has been taken over in the Emission Inventory Sub-Group in Atmospheric Composition Research Group of FRSGC. The targeted species have been expanded to include SO2 (sulfur dioxide), Nox (nitrogen oxides) CO (carbon monoxide), VOC (volatile organic compound), Black Carbon, NH3 (ammonia), CH4 (methane), and N2O(nitrogen monoxide). Emission inventories for 1995 has been completed, and the study is now directed to estimate future emissions up to 2020.

The detail of Akimoto's award is available in the newest edition of Atmospheric Environment (vol. 37, January 2003).
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