Newsletter No.1 January-1998

The Commemorative Symposium of the Start of the Frontier Research System for Global Change

Dr. Shukuro Manabe, a Program Director of Global Warming research gives a special lecture

" The commemorative symposium of the start of the Frontier Research System for Global Change" was held at the Mita meeting place of common use, on October 24, under the auspices of the joint promotion office of the Frontier.
This symposium commemorated the start of the Frontier Research System for Global Change(in short "Chikyu Frontier" in Japanese ), and also directed its announcement to numerous guests of national institutes, universities, corporations and governmental organizations.
On that day, as 2 p.m. approached the audience rushed into the hall of the Mita meeting place, where more than 300 available chairs were almost totally occupied by the guests and researchers who came from various quarters, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education, the Japan Meteorological Agency and the Environmental Agency etc., not to speak of the Science and Technology Agency. They listened earnestly to the lectures, making notes about the lectures, and not quitting the hall till the end of the lectures.
The symposium proceeded under the chairmanship of Mr. Oda, Secretary-General of the Joint Promotion Office. The Director-General and each Program Director gave lectures on the Program. Dr. Shkuro Manabe, a Program Director, gave a special lecture, and finally a panel discussion was held by the lecturers on that day. Just after the symposium, a reception by the host was also held for the participants.

The special lecture by Dr. Manabe, was a valuable one dealing with various issues of global warming, titled "Warming Prediction Research with the Use of a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Land Model" . You can see the essence of this lecture in the home page of the Frontier.

In the reception, which started in the evening, many participants, including Mr. Tanigaki, the Minister of the Science and Technology Agency, Mr. Gibbons, a US Special Presidential Aide, Mr. Laine, the Director-General of US National Science Foundation gave congratulatory addresses to the start of the Frontier Research System, expecting its contribution to the study of Earth Science.
Judging from the fact that more participants attended the symposium than was originally estimated, it is understandable that the Frontier Research System has evoked considerable echoes among organizations and researchers relevant to Global Variations Research. On that account, we will, one after the other, announce the results of the researches in the future.

Mr. Gibbons, US Special Presidential Aide gives a congratulatory address.

Mr. Tanigaki, Minister of STA is shaking hands
with Mr.Gibbons, US Special Presidential Aide.

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