TOPIC FRONTIER Newsletter No.11 July.2000

Frontier Observational Reseach System for Global Change
Here, we like to introduce activities of the FORSGC, which collaborates with the FRSGC for the global change research. Dr. Noriyuki Tanaka, a group leader of the Multi-Disciplinary Group, IARC, will introduce the research group and the associated analytical center.

Present status of IARC-multidisciplinary research group
and its associated analytical center

Noriyuki Tanaka (Group leader of Multi-Disciplinary Group, IARC, FORSGC)

In order to initiate multidisciplinary study on interactions among atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and ecosystems in Arctic region, the IARC-multidisciplinary research group in Observation Frontier Research System has been established and started its research activities from April 2000. Currently, 6 full-time scientists(Drs Shin, Kim, Uzuka, Takeuchi, Jodwalis and King), 1 full-time research assistant(Mr. Tanaka), 2 part-time scientists(Dr. Hattori and myself), 1 secretary (Ms. Le Roy) and 1 laboratory technician(Mr. Bower), totaling 11 staff members are preparing for achieving the research group mission. The major research disciplines are hydrology, material cycling, paleo-climate and atmosphere-land interaction and atmospheric chemistry. The fresh-graduated Ph.D. scientists consist of this research group.

In the latest multidisciplinary research, various information should be retrieved from our environment with cutting-edge analytical instrumentation. In order to achieve this objective, full featured analytical center is going to establish to fill analytical needs for executing observation frontier research. A mass spectrometer for stable isotope analysis of water had been installed and finished various adjustments for starting sample analysis. Currently, GC-MS gas chromatographs with FID, FPD and PDD detectors are installing by technicians from the venders. In the near future, radiocarbon-AMS, ICP-mass spectrometer, ratio mass spectrometer for biomarkers and microscopes will be introduced and place professional operators for the instrumentations. In this way, the center will be accessible widely for many international research scientists for pursuing research programs beyond observation frontier program. It will be one of important activitiesin the IARC-frontier program to contribute for developing international climatic research.

Photograph1:Ratio mass spectrometer
Photograph2: GC-MS
Front row, right to left: author,
Jodwalis Ph.D. researcher, Le Roy secretary, Dr. Shin.
Back row, left to right:
Dr. Kim, King Ph.D. researcher,
Bower technical official, Dr. Uzuka.
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