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We had a really cooler (historical low record!) summer this year at Fairbanks, Alaska. It was very difficult to image sunny summer days when we had the IARC dedication ceremony in August of 1999. Today I can see all birch trees turned to brilliant yellow through windows of IARC. It is already less than 10 degree in Centigrade. Fall season come to Fairbanks much faster here.

IARC externals
International Arctic Research Center(IARC)externals
In contrast to a cooler summer, IARC/Frontier has become much more active than last year with new FORSGC researchers. The number of IARC residents has also grown to about 100 this year (includes other departments and students). IARC seems to have healthy growth. Soon, we will see northern light gracefully dancing across the sky and IARC will be surrounded by ice and snow. I am often surprised by meeting many people who love winter here because of its calmness and beauty although it may have dips below -40 degrees in ordinary winters.

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Yu Shinmyo
ESTO Researcher/IARC Liaison Officer

Introduction of the Business of the Earth Science and Technology Organization(ESTO)
Supporting the International Pacific Research Center(IPRC)
The Earth Science and Technology Organization (ESTO) has a liaison office within the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC), a joint effort between the Japanese and US governments, established at the University of Hawaii in 1997 to research global change.
A liaison officer and a secretary work at the liaison office to provide research support for the IPRC. The liaison officer, who has been dispatched from the ESTO research promotions department, is engaged in research and management as an IPRC member to facilitate intercommunications between the two countries for establishing and maintaining mutual understanding.
The IPRC undertakes research projects under an international joint-venture framework. While this may be an ideal format for international cooperation, it could also easily give rise to friction caused by vast cultural differences between Japan and the United States- from ways of using fund to decision-making processes. The ESTO liaison office plays a role, sometimes as the lubricating oil or sometimes as the adhesive agent in this system, contributing to the development of the IPRC.

FRONTIER Newsletter No.12 Oct. 2000

Date of issue:Oct. 25,2000
Issue:Joint Promotion Office, Frontier Research System for Grobal Change
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