RESULTSFrontier Newsletter No.13 Jan.2001

Introduction Introduction of the research results in the FRSGC
The Frontier Newsletter provides reports on FRSGC research results upon occasion.
This edition gives an example of the joint research results contributed by Dr. Quanzhen Geng, a researcher of the Global Warming Research Program, and Dr. Masato Sugi of Meteorological Research Institute. An example of Dr. Yasuhiro Yamanaka, a group leader of the Global Warming Research Program is also provided.

Study of the Possible Impacts of Global Warming on the Winter Cyclone Activity over the East Asia-Pacific Region with a High-resolution AGCM|Dr.Quanzhen Geng(Global Warming Research Program),Dr.Masato Sugi(Meteorological Research Institute)

A marine ecosystem model coupled with Nitrogen-Silicon-Carbon cycles|Dr. Yasuhiro Yamanaka (Global Warming Research Program)

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