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Question & answers

The "Symposium on Global Change Research - New Findings and Future Direction- "was held at the Toshi Center Hotel on January 15 (Mon.)and 16 (Tue.), 2001 ,under the auspices of the Nippon Foudation and the Ministry of Education, Culture,Sports,Science,and Technology.

In this symposium,lectures on the current status of the researches abroad were given by the prominent foreign researchers, together with presenting the results directed towards future research programs in the FRSGC.
Taking the interest of general public into consideration,the following four topics were selected as the Symposium's main themes.

Panel discussion
Panel discussion

1 .To what extent can we predict global warming?
2 .Various processes in global change.
3 .Current status and future direction of models for global change research.
4 .How well do we understand climate change in the Asia- Pacific region ?

On these themes,the research results were presented by Frontier researchers and lec- tures were made by guest speakers.

In addition,a panel discussion was held on the FRSGC's future direction of research toward the prediction of global change,and many valuable opinions on the future researches were given from the foreign and domestic researchers.

In FRSGC,we intend to transmit the research results,holding successively the meetings and symposia for presenting results of researches,as well as to make use of the knowledge/views obtained at this symposium in the future researches.

FRSGC and FORSGC Annual Symposium in FY 2000

The Frontier Research System for Global Change(FRSGC)and the Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change(FORSGC)Annual Symposium will be held on the following days.For those who are interested in global changeresearch,please participate in this symposium.(Admission free)

Map of Kokuyo Hall
March 21 (Wed.) `March 23 (Fri.), 2001

KOKUYO Hall (JR Shinagawa sta.)

Please access to our homepage to check the latest information and details.

Earth Science and Technology Organization Business Introduction

Supporting development and operation of research results database and Intranet


As a part of support for the FRSGC,"Research] Results Database"to manage their information efficiently was offered by ESTO in November 1999.

The purpose of the FRSGC,promptly and effectively.Also,We have been building and operating the Internet,which supports the flow of various business works,such as internal communications and application procedures in FRSGC.


FRONTIER Newsletter No.13 Jan. 2001

Date of issue:Jan.31,2001
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