NEWS Frontier Newsletter No.14 Mar.2001

Won Best Poster Award

Dr.Rao and Poster

On December 8, 2000, Dr. Toshio Yamagata, Program Director, Dr. S.C. Rao, a researcher, and others, of the Climate Variations Research Program, FRSGC, received the Best Poster Award for their poster on "Interannual variability in the subsurface of the tropical Indian Ocean"at PORSEC 2000, the 5th Pacific Ocean Remote Sensing Conference held in Goa, India.

The PORSEC is hosted once every two years by the surrounding countries of the Pacific, and it focuses on the applications of remote sensing technologies in the Pacific Ocean research. Yamagata and Rao's poster was selected among 62 poster presentations.

Earth Science and Technology Organization Business Introduction

Structuring a database for public use

ESTO is now"structuring an integrated database for public use" for JAMSTEC.

This database aims to link four database currently used in JAMSTEC, i.e. ocean observation database, deep sea image database, voyage information database and Mirai data web, and to realize capability of retrieving across each database from the common interface.

In this project, we also realize linking function with that of calculating physical quantities its visualization, data of sea bottom configuration, as well as the existing functions.

Moreover, on utilization of this database, with a view to importance of smooth registration of observational data into the database, we make, in parallel, examination and correction on various kinds of data concerning the "Research Vessel Mirai".

This database will be opened innerly and checked in early FY 2001, and opened to general public in late FY 2002.

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