NEWS Frontier Newsletter No.14 Mar.2001


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On December 14th, the IPRC celebrated its move into new offices on the fourth floor of the Pacific Ocean Science and Technology (POST) building on the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus.

IPRC Director, Jay McCreary, as Master of Ceremony, welcomed everyone. U.S. Senators Inouye and Akaka, and Representative Abercrombie sent their congratulations. Dean Barry Raleigh spoke of the rapid growth of IPRC to a staff of nearly 40 people within three years, and the plans for further development. President Mortimer in his speech stressed "Since more than half of the world's population lives in the Asian-Pacific region, the Center's research to understand climate and its predictability in this area is of great value.

The new IPRC offices symbolize the close partnership UH have with the Japanese agencies."Senior Consul Kunou brought greetings from Consul General Shibuya. She commended the IPRC on its outstanding efforts in research on climate variability and global environmental change and added that the U.S.-Japan Common Agenda has become one of the world's most successful examples of cooperation between two countries.

A Hawaiian dedication ceremony followed the speeches. The Reverend Dr. Fung from Kawaiahao Church held the service. In the Hawaiian tradition, the Reverend blessed the offices with three t-leaves dipped into spring waters and with salt of the sea. Senior Consul Kunou and President Mortimer untied the maile leis.

The guest list included from the Subaru Telescope, Director Ando and Head Official Arii; UH Senior Vice President Dean Smith; Liaison Officer Hayashi with at the Headquarters of the Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet; and from the Japanese and US governments, the IPRC Implementation Committee members. Over 70 people attended .

FRONTIER Newsletter No.14 Mar. 2001

Date of issue:Mar.30,2001
Issue:Joint Promotion Office, Frontier Research System for Grobal Change
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