Results FrontierNewsletter No.15 Jul.2001

Introduction of the research results in FRSGC
Here, we introduce research results of FRSGC upon occasion. This time, we introduce two examples of research results. First one is the joint research results contributed by Dr. Zhaoyong Guan, a researcher of the Climate Variations Researh Program and its director, Dr. Toshio Yamagata. The other is the one contributed by Dr. James Oliver Wild, a researcher of the Atmospheric Composition Research Program.

Interhemispheric Oscillations in the Atmosphere-Dr.Zhaoyong Guan(Climate Variations Research Program) , Dr.Toshio Yamagata(Program Director,Climate Variations Research Program)

Indirect Long-term Global Radiative Cooling from NOx Emissions-Dr. Oliver Wild(Atmospheric Composition Research Program)

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