NEWS Frontier Newsletter No.15 Jul.2001

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The photograph in a courtyard

In the Patio between Frontier Building and General conference Building

In "Towards achieving global change prediction" developed in July 1996 by Subcommittee on Earth Science and Technology, the Council for Aeronautics, Electronics and Other Advanced Technologies, and the Science and Technology Agency, the necessity for integrated research and development using one system incorporating process research, observation systems and simulation was insisted. Based on this report, Frontier Research System for Global Change was established three and half years ago. For the same reason, Frontier Observation Research System was established two years ago, and the Earth Simulator will be started in Next March.

For the efficient co-operation for the same goal, "Predicting the Global Change for the 21st Century", Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC)'s Yokohama Institute for Earth Science was built at Kanazawa, Yokohama-Shi, by the Bay of Negishi. Concept of this institute is Harmony and Transparency. It was to build the environment suitable for contribution of the Earth's environment. Many parts of the building were build using the glass, to show the harmony with the neighborhood environment and people working in the institute. It also symbolizes the information sharing at different levels. We hope that in this institute, the research activities to contribute for the well being of the society shall be carried on.

Frontier Newsletter No.15 Jul.2001

Date of issue : July 26, 2001
Issue : Joint Promotion Office, Frontier Research System for Global Change
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