Logo Marks Completed for Three Projects in the Yokohama Research Site

As FRSGC and FORSGC moved into the new Yokohama research site, we have been developing the new logos along with Earth Simulator. While each logo has its own identity, we are considering some consistency, to show our co-operation and symbolize our common goal, "prediction of global change". We are happy to introduce our new logo marks and their meanings.

FRSGC FORSGC Earth Simulator
The ball flying around the earth is an artificial satellite, which observes the whole earth. The blue mesh rep-resents the ocean planet and Frontier's modeling research. Also, the circle around the mark implies air-sea interaction, which is one of the key factors for climate variation. The mountain and land emphasize Frontier spirit and field research. The ball flying around the earth and its moving line represent an artificial satellite and oceanic observation. The earth at the center expresses the modeling research to show the FORSGC's objective, to promote observational research for the prediction of global change. The small circle symbolizes the earth, and the curve in the inside expresses oceans, where outside curve shows sky or atmosphere. This logo mark symbolizes the three fundamental elements to simulate the global change, which symbolically expresses that through this project, a virtual earth will be created on a supercomputer.

Frontier Newsletter No.16 October 2001
Date of issue:October 31, 2001
Issue:Joint Promotion Office, Frontier Research System for Global Change
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