Symposium on Atmospheric Composition Change

Dr. Hajime Akimoto (Program Director, Atmospheric Composition Research Program)

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Taking the occasion of almost three years since the Atmospheric Composition Research Program of FRSGC was started, "Symposium on Atmospheric Composition Change -Toward the Integration of Observation and Modeling-" has been held on November 19 - 20, at the general conference room of the Yokohama campus.
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The Symposium aims at exchange of ideas with domesticresearchers on global atmospheric chemistry, and was attended by about 70 people with 25 oral and 26 poster presentations. The Atmospheric Composition Research Group mainly consists of modelers of atmospheric chemistry that is rather unique in this country. Both of experimentalists and modelers assembled at the Symposium.
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At the end, future important research in this field was discussed. The poster session utilizing the foyer aside of the conference room was held for the first time. Since panel boards for posters were newly purchased by FRSGC, their future use is encouraged.

Symposium on the Ocean-Atmosphere Coupled Dynamics in the Indian Ocean held in December will be reported in the next edition.

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