What is Happening on Our Mother Earth?

FRSGC/FORSGC Annual Symposium 2000

F rontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC) and Frontier Observational System for Global Change (FORSGC) have contributed to the process study of natural science and observation research to achieve the common goal, "To predict of global change".

The situation in the hall

Our forth symposium, since establishment, was organized in Kokuyo Hall, Shinagawa, Tokyo from 19 to 20 March 2002, for two days.

Different from previous ones, we organized this yearfs symposium to make it as a good opportunity to think what each of us can do for the future of our Mother Earth, and think the relationship between social and natural sciences. The symposium features special reports from three eminent experts. A special report was made by the delegation from the Earth Simulator Center, just started the operation of "Earth simulator", the fastest and biggest super computer, in March 2002.

Then, Dr. Roberto Lenton, Executive Director of International Relations and Development at International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, in the United States, conducted the keynote lecture. The Symposium's final presentation was made by Dr. Jack T. Moyer, the oceanobiologist and columnist. He gave us a eminent talk about what is happening to our Mother Earth, and what we can do to save it.

Poster session

Also for each program's presentation, titles were made interesting enough to catch the people's attention, such asgUnexpected Influence of Kept on the Composition of Our Atmosphere","Covering the Earth with Triangular Tiles", "Formation of A Heavy Rainfall", and "Ocean Weather Forecast".

The symposium was made successful with the total participation of 500 people in these two days. We should like to thank you for all of you who took your time to join our biggest event of the year.



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