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The First Workshop on Japan-China Precipitation System Observational Research

Hiroshi UYEDA ( Group Leader, Hydrological Cycle Observation Research Program, FORSGC )

The first joint workshop was held by the FORSGC in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences from April 24 to 27 in 2002 at Haikou City, Hainan Province, China.

With completion of Japan-China collaborative field experiment in 2001,during this workshop, participants discussed their research results, situation of the Baiu observation research activities carried out in China, and the observation plan for this fiscal year.

FORSGC Director-General, Dr. H. Hotta delivering opening remarks.

Dr. Hiroshi Hotta, Director-General of FORSGC gave a speech to express his appreciation for efforts provided by China and mentioned the significance of the workshop.

Group leader Hiroshi Uyeda, sub-leader Dr. Biao Geng, researchers Dr. Hiroyuki Yamada and Krishna K.Reddy delivered presentations on their observational researches based on the results obtained through observations conducted up to now.

Visit to local site.

The Japanese delegation presented the observational results from the Doppler radar and wind profiler showing close correlations between the precipitation system occurring in the down-stream of Yangtze (Chiang Jiang) River and rainfalls in western Japan.

Afterwards, we accompanied Dr. Hotta to visit the Wuxian, Dongshan, and Wujiang observation sites located around Suzhou city. The local observational activities and observation equipments were explained to Dr. Hotta by each researcher. They discussed the issues related to the observation and research activities for this fiscal year.

The workshop and the visit to the observation sites were extremely helpful to promote the observations in the downstream of Yangtze River. The research group is continuing observations in the downstream of Yangtze River from June this year.

Introduction of the Business of AESTO

Advanced Earth Science and Technology Organization (AESTO) is doing the publication work of some publications of JAMSTEC from June, 2002. This work is consignment work from the Computer and Information Department of JAMSTEC. The following publication are included to this consignment work, (1) JAMSTEC Technical Report (2) JAMSTEC Deep sea Research (twice a year publication) (3) Japanese Annual Report and (4) Annual Report (once a year publication). 

AESTO does the work regarding the publication such as manuscripts invites, DTP (Desk Top Publishing) and proofreading. AESTO also started the updating work of the homepage at JAMSTEC. The publications and homepage are very important because the many people are always watching it. We not only keep a publication date, but have to guarantee quality of the DTP and the homepage contents.

Therefore, in addition to present staffs, AESTO is going to employ and training DTP staffs and a homepage designer.

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