Introduction of the Business of the Earth Science and Technology Organization (ESTO)
1.Planning and investigation activities on the earth science and technology
2.Service support to the research on the earth science and technology
3.Service support to the information networks on the earth science and technology
4.Public information outreach on the earth science and technology
ESTO is a domestic promotional organization in the field of earth science and technology, and plays active parts in many works, including investigation, analysis, proposition, service support to the research, circulation and utilization of the data & information, public outreach, etc. ESTO also supports the production of the home page of the Frontier Research System and its publications.
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Tokyo 105-6791, Japan
TEL:03-5418-7171(key No.)
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Newsletter No.2 April-1998@

Home Page of the Frontier Research System for Global Change

The Frontier Research System has been offering various kinds of information on web. The URL of the home page is

Currently, the home page offers the outlines of the Frontier Research System, the research centers (Tokyo, Alaska and Hawaii) and the research programs. It also provides seminar information by the Frontier researchers as well as the contents of this newsletter in color.
By utilizing the characteristic of the Internet home page, which is to be able to deliver information widely and quickly, the Frontier will continue to provide information about the research activities and their results.


Earth Variations Research Calendar (Now we are offering the event schedules relevant to Global Change Research)

Researcher's Correspondence

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