Newsletter No.2 April-1998@

The Structure of the Frontier in FY 1998

It has been six month since the Frontier Research System for Global Change was inaugurated in October 1998. Domestic and foreign researchers have joined the Frontier and the research system is now almost complete. In the past half year, joint research projects were undertaken with other relevant research institutes, such as National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED) and Meteorological Research Institute. In addition, cooperative relationships with National Aerospace Laboratory, the University of Tsukuba and Nagoya University are planned to be established in the near future. As an open institute, the Institute for Global Change Research (IGCR) has been actively promoting activities for information exchange such as IGCR seminars by inviting famous researchers from abroad. In FY 1998, the Atmospheric Composition Research Program will also be inaugurated. The Frontier will continue to improve its research activities in order to be able to contribute to the world. I, myself, have started working at IGCR since April 1st, 1998.

Thank you very much for your attention.
Director-General Dr. Taroh Matsuno

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