Newsletter No.2 April-1998@

The First Study Conference of Frontier Research System for Global Change

On March 23 and 24, "The First Study conference of Frontier Research System for Global Change" was held at the meeting room on the 1st floor of Shibaura Seavans North building. The aim of the conference is to offer, to the researchers of the Frontier, opportunities for exchangeing their research information and presenting the results of research, future research plans and visions.

As many as sixty researchers and interested persons attended the conference despite the busy reason of the year and the active discussions were made.

The first day opend with remarks by Dr. Matsuno, the Director-General, followed by the explanation of the general idea of the Frontier and the objectives of the conference. The presentations were made by the researchers from each research program of Climate Variations Research Program (The first research area), International Arctic Research Center (IARC) and Global Warming Research Program (The third research area). There were discussion time between the presentations. The researchers exchanged their opinions actively as much as exceeding the time scheduled for discussion. The enthusiasm continued even in the reception party.

On the second day, presentations were made by the researchers of the Hydrological Cycle Research Program (The second research area) and the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC). For the last program of the first Study Conference, Dr. Matsuno, as a chairman, led the general discussion covering all research programs.

Considering the facts that each program directors including Director-General presented their concrete future plan and that information was actively exchanged among the researchers, the two-day conference was very fruitful.

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