Newsletter No.2 April-1998@

The Presentation of IPRC Open Lectures in Commemoration of "Mirai"'s Call at Hawaii

February 11(Wed) - February 15(Sun), 1998

"Mirai", the Ocean Research Vessel of JAMSTEC called at Hawaii port on her first voyage abroad. In commemoration of her call at Hawaii, IPRC presented the following lectures: "Global Change Research: Challenge, Opportunity, and the IPRC Initiative" by Dr. William James Shuttleworth (The University of Arizona), and "Opportunities for Undersea Research in the Pacific" by Dr. Alexander Malahoff (University of Hawaii at Manoa). About 120 people participated in these lectures. In addition, "Mirai" was open to the public on February 14 (Sat), and up to 1320 visitors came to see her. Among them, many asked the staff questions with highly technical knowledge, and the opening event became a wonderfull success with growing interest.

Exective Director Mr. Chijiya (center in photo) of JAMSTEC and others, describing the press kit in the "Mirai" meeting room. "Mirai" at Honolulu port

The Sixth US-Japan Workshop on Global Changes (Hawaii)

February 24 (Tue) - February 26 (Thu), 1998

The sixth US-Japan Workshop on Global Changes was held at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii in Honolulu, as an activity in the fields of earth science and of the earth's environment, under the "Japan-US Science and Technology Cooperation Treaty". This workshop aimed at proposing joint research projects by American and Japanese researchers. About 70 individuals from the US and Japan participated in the workshop. From the IPRC, three researchers, Dr. Mitsudera, Dr. Tomita and Dr. Miyama took part in the workshop, and the made presentations at respective working group meetings, including the present state of the IPRC by Dr. Mitsudera. From Tokyo, Dr. Matsuno (Director-General), Dr. Manabe and Dr. Yasunari (Program Directors) and Dr. H. Nakamura (Group Leader) attended the workshop, and Dr. Matsuno and Dr. Manabe gave keynote lectures at the workshop.

Director-General Dr. Matsuno
giving a lecture

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