Newsletter No.2 April-1998@

Introduction of researchers

Modelling Group, Climate Variations Research Program
Hisashi Fukuda

I have been working for the first research area since last October. The focus of my part research was placed upon the tidal current model of coastal area such as the Ariake Sea and the Kanmon straits. At the Frontier Research System, I have been conducting Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment (J-COPE). This study requires the understanding of phenomena occurring in the open sea in addition to that of the tidal current. I will proceed with the study in cooperation with other researchers in the group. Currently Iam working on establishing a model which will simulate sea areas around Japan with high resolution, and developing "Multiple Nest Model" utilizing PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine). Coastal areas are the places where human-activities are concentrated. Therefore, I hope the model will become useful for the future of the society.

International Arctic Research Center (IARC)
Hideaki Kitauchi

I have worked at the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) since last February. I may move to Alaska by this coming summer. My previous research field is earth fluid dynamics; especially the generation mechanism of geomagnetism. The geomagnetic field is thought to be generated and maintained by the dynamo mechanism which is driven by the convection movement of melted iron in the outer core of the Earth. Icalculated directly and numerically a three dimensional magnetic fluid model inside a rotating sphere, simulating the convection movement of melted iron in the outer core, and made clear the mechanism of thermo-convection, generation mechanism of geomagnetic field, and its structure, etc,. by analyzing the obtained numerical solutions. Now I study a coupling model between Ocean and sea ice in the arctic region. This is a research field I have never experienced before, but I would like to proceed with my research with a view point of orginal physical mechanism.

Predictability Research Group, Climate Variations Research Program
Aya Ito

I have been working in the Predictability Research Group since last January. In the past, I studied the basic theory for physical propeties and statistical mechanics, with main focus on the field called pattern formation. There exist many kinds of mysterious patterns in the realm of nature, such as eddy figures generated by chemical reactions, beautiful stripes and spots on animal bodies and the structure of high-polymer systems. Why and how these patterns appear and how they change were my theme of research. At the Frontier Research System, my research subject is meteorology, a big, flexible, global and yet one system. I would like to proceed with my research utilizing my past experience.

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