Newsletter No.3 July-1998@

Introduction of the Business
of the Earth Science and Technology Organization

Earth Science and Technology Forum

The Earth Science and Technology is essential for us to understand the Earth as a system and to support the future sustainable development.
The Earth Science and Technology Forum is a group of experts who understand the idea mentioned above from academic, governmental and industrial societies.
Investigation on the earth observation systems, the global change research and the research plan for future earth science and technology have been undertaken under the initiative of the researchers.
At present the Forum, consists of about 500 members from all over Japan,@holds more than 100 meetings of committees/sub-committees and workshops annually, inviting foreign researchers. Discussions for the development of Japan's earth science and technology are deployed through the internet, as well.

Home Page of the Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC)

FRSGC has been offering various kinds of information on web. The URL of the home page is
Currently, the home page offers the FRSGC core research plan, information on its research centers(Tokyo, Tsukuba, Alaska and Hawaii), and announcement of research positions. It also provides seminar information by the Frontier researchers as well as the back numbers of this newsletter.
By utilizing the characteristic of the Internet home page, which is to be able to deliver information widely and quickly, the Frontier will continue to provide information about the research activities and their results.

What' New!

At present, the following information about the newly-arrived is inserted. For the particulars, please refer to the home page.
  • FRSGC presents a Logo Contest
  • '98 Announcement of Research Positions for The Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC)

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