Newsletter No.3 July-1998@

Opening of the Joint Research Satellite Facility
of Frontier Research System

From the opening ceremony
(Director-General, Dr.Matsuno)

Outlook of the building containing
the JRS facility.

The Frontier Research System for Global Change(FRSGC) attempts to focus on various aspects of global change - in co-operation with other research institutes. In this context, FRSGC is now involved in a joint research activity with National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention(NIED, STA), Tsukuba. For this purpose, a joint research facility has now been opened in the NIED building. This facility is named as Joint Research Satellite(JRS) facility of the FRSGC and was inaugurated on 11th May 1998. This facility aims at collaborative research work with the Institute for Global Change Research(IGCR), Tokyo.
The opening ceremony was presided by,
Dr. T. Matsuno(Director-General, FRSGC),
Dr. S. Manabe(Program Director, FRSGC),
Dr. T. Yasunari(Program Director, FRSGC),
Dr. Katayama(Director, NIED) and Mr. Mutoh from STA.
Dr. Matsuno expressed the necessity for individual researchers to brush up advanced computational techniques which would be useful for the creation of models in process research. This in turn would prepare them for further research with NIED on the individual processes of hydrological cycle.
Dr. Katayama emphasized the importance of team work in joint research project and also discussion among researchers attending gatherings such as this. He also quoted with humour one of Murphy's laws which states that - it is easy to make something more complicated, but it is complicated to make it simpler.
The present structure of the Joint Research Facility consists of the following researchers: Rikie Suzuki, Shao-Fen Tian, Raghavan Krishnan, and Koichi Matsubara, a councilor for administration. It is planned to recruit more researchers in the future. The research infrastructure at JRS includes the CRAY super-computer at NIED.
The opening ceremony ended with a nameplate ceremony by Drs. Matsuno and Katayama, followed by presentations by researchers and scientific discussions. These discussions provided useful information about the various research activities that would be taken up at JRS in the near future.

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