Newsletter No.3 July-1998@

Nameplate ceremony of the satellite facility
(left Dr.Katayama; right Dr.Matsuno)

<Titles and Lecturers in the Seminar>
[Hydrological circulation in extensive area and climate system]

  1. Research trend on the Asian monsoon hydrological circulation and its prospect (Tetsuzo Yasunari)
  2. Implication of satellite-sensed Vegefation for climate system research (Rikie Suzuki)
  3. Large fluctuations of Rainfall in arid and semi-arid Asia and its interaction with vegetation (Shao-Fen Tian)
[Global warming and climate variations]
  1. Research on the climate with typhoons based on the high resolution General Circulation Model of the atmosphere.
    • Warming effect on the climate with typhoons (Masato Sugi)
    • Cumulus parameterization, effect of sea surface temperature distribution (Jun Yoshimura)
  2. Intraseasonal Oscillation of Indian Summer Monsoon (R.Krishnan)
  3. On the effect of topography to climate system, and variations of thermo-salt circulation (Tatsuo Motoi)
[Research on variations of hydrological circulation at NIED]
  1. Long term variations of precipitation causing disasters and possibility of their forecast (Tsuneharu Yonetani)
  2. Development of global hydrological circulation model and its evaluation research (Tomonori Matsuura)
  3. Research on climate variations in the summer of Japan using the atmospheric GCM (Ryuichi Kawamura)
  4. Case analyzation of some heavy rain and their modeling (Ryohei Misumi)
From now on, we will proceed with research exchanges and research cooperation, utilizing the JRS at Tsukuba

Joint Research Satellite Facility of FRSGC
in the campus of NIED, STA.
3-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0006 Japan

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