Newsletter No.4 October-1998

Appearances at 'Triangle'98'

'Triangle'98' was held at National Kokusai-kaikan Conference hall from September 29 (Tue.)through October 2 (Fri.), 1998.This symposium was the first international conference,being held by the FRSGC and IPRC,together with the JAMSTEC,after the establishment of the FRSGC and IPRC.
On behalf of the researchers participating in this conference,Dr.Yamagata,Program Director of the Climate Variations Research Program,gave the keynote lecture at the beginning of the conference,and the FRSGC played a most active part toward success of it.
In the conference mainly the total of about 320 researchers for four days had earnest discussions etc.and the conference ended in a great success.

Service Support to the Research on the Earth Science and Technology

ESTO has four functions on the Earth Science and Technology,i.e.investigations &analyses,research supports, distribution of information,and outreach of public education.Among them,the main research support is toward the Frontier Research System for Global Change,and at present ESTO supports it in the services of,operating man agement of computers,visualization of calculated results,deve lopment of data bank system, maintenance and management of its homepage etc.Moreover,they include supports to the Earthquake Frontier Research ,to the observational research in the icy sea of the northern polar region,and so on.

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