Newsletter No.4 October-1998

In this Newsletter,we introduce,in a successive manner,the global change research institutes in the world.For the third time,Dr.Zhe-Min Tan,who has been participating in the Hydrological Research Program since last May,introduces the Department of Atmospheric Sciences,Nanjing University.

*Name and address of the Institute:
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Nanjing University
Hankou Road 22,Nanjing 210093 PR.China
TEL:+86-25-359 2785
FAX:+86-25-330 2728
*Outline of the Institute:
The department of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS)was established in 1944 as an academic and educational unit in the Nanjing University (NJU),a leading comprehensive University in China.Since its inception in 1944,the department has been at the forefront of atmospheric research and education.The departmental research is led by 82 full-time faculty and supported by a variety of extramural grants and contracts.There are about 70 postgraduate students (Ph.D.and M.S.student)take part in these research projects.The department has the national key discipline of synoptic weather dynamics,and hosts the National Specialized Laboratory of Meso-scale Severe Weather (MSWL), the Institute of Severe Weather and Climate (ISWC),the Center for Disaster Studies (CDS),and the Global Change Research Center (GCRC).The department has had major achievements in the fields of short-term climate change, meso-scale dynamics,atmospheric environment,and remote sensing and radar technique.
*The major areas of research:
(1)Climate Dynamics Research:Modeling of regional climate and climate change;Dynamics and predictability of climate anomalies;Atmosphere-ocean-land interaction;ENSO dynamics;Atmospheric intraseasonal oscillation; Analysis and modeling of interannual and intraseasonal variations of the East Asian monsoon.
(2)Meso-scale Severe Weather Research:Observational,diagnostic and numerical modeling study of meso-scale weather processes;Convection and frontogenesis over Southern China;Influence of cloud system on their larger scale environment;Four-dimensional data assimilation;Boundary layer processes and development of meso-scale system;Study on weather system monitoring and information dissemination;Doppler weather radar data processing and image display system.
(3)Global Change Research:Understanding and model development of earth system;The prediction study on the trend in life-supporting environment in China over next 20-50 years;Ecosystem dynamics and its interaction with climate system.
(4)Atmospheric Chemistry and Atmospheric Environment Research:The characterization of atmospheric aerosols in polluted city atmosphere;The temporal and spatial variation of acid rain;The boundary layer structure and air pollution;The study on environmental capacity and regional environmental control.
(5)Disaster Prevention Research:The mechanism of disaster formation and development;Variation of disasters and disaster chain;Disaster forecast;Disaster prevention and mitigation countermeasures.
During the past decade,department has undertaken many important national projects,such as National Climbing Project and some key projects sponsored by NSFC.Department encourages and supports international scholar exchange programs.Department est ablished academic exchange and collaborative relationships with other institutes in US,Japan and Germany.Si nce 1980,faculty members of the Department have published over 70 monographs and textbooks,won 21 national awards for scientific research.Since 1990,more than 720 papers have been published in domestic or international journals.

Dr.Zhe-Min Tan
I am very pleased to introduce the DAS,Nanjing University.I spent my student's life in DAS of NJU,then became a staff of the department.My main research interests ar e the dynamic processes and numerical simulation of meso-,cloud-scale system and its impacts on large-scale flow.The department gives me enough freedom,supports in my scientific research and provides me goo d chances to work with scientists in various international projects at different countries.The department warmly welcomes scientists in the world to visit NJU,encourage and supports the international cooperat ion and collaboration with staff in DAS.If anyone want to know more about the DAS of NJU,please contact me.
( (in Japan), (in China)).

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