Newsletter No.5 January-1999@

STA Minister's Secretariat Deputy Director-General
Mr.Nakazawa giving a guest speech

Panel discussion by all of the lecturers.
    On November 25(wed.),1998,the Symposium of the FRSGC, "Toward the Prediction of the Atmospheric Composition Change" was held at "Heart-inn Nogizaka (Kenpo-Kaikan)".The Symposium commemorated the establishment of the Atmospheric Composition Research Program on the first anniversary of the FRSGC in October 1998.

    At first,on behalf of the host of the symposium,Mr.Uchida, NASDA President celebrated the first anniversary of the FRSGC, and expressed high expectations for the future.Mr.Nakazawa, Minister's Secretariat Deputy Director-General,Science and Technology Agency in his talk highlighted the world movement related to the global change and expressed his hope that The FRSGC can contribute to the society.

    Laboratory Director,Mr.Yonemoto,Mitsubishi Chemistry Inc. / Life Science Institute / Laboratory for Socio-Life Science,deliver a special lecture entitled "Earth Environmental Issues-Harmony between natural science and politics",pointing out that the scientists studying global environment have to deal with domestic and international political issues.It was followed by the lecture of Dr.Matsuno,Director-General of the FRSGC who explained the history and future direction of the FRSGC.

    In the afternoon session,Dr.Akimoto,Program Director,the Atmospheric Composition Research Program,gave a keynote lecture,talking on the research plan for the new program.Prof. Nakazawa(Tohoku Univ.),Associate Prof.Uematsu(Univ.of Tokyo / Ocean Research Institute)and Prof.Kondoh(Nagoya Univ.)also delivered lectures on their research areas. Subsequently,a paneldiscussion was held by all of the lectures, chaired by Dr.Matsuno.Responding to the question on the important aspects for natural scientists who aim to solve global environmental problems,Dr.Manabe said,"It's important to provide objective as well as reproducible data".

    In the closing speech,Mr.Chijiya,Executive Director of the JAMSTC expressed his hope that The FRSGC can contribute to the society.

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