Newsletter No.5 January-1999@

    The Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC),which was established in October,1997,celebrated its first anniversary last year.The number of researchers has reached about 120,including the staffs two of research centers abroad,and our research activities have become full scale.Also,the Atmospheric Composition Research Program was added to the FRSGC last October.With this addition we can extend our research to include atmospheric-chemical processes,in comparison with the current researches emphasizing physical climate systems. Considering that many recent global environmental issues,such as ozone depletion in the stratosphere,global warming,the problem assosiated with acid rain etc.arise from atmospheric composition changes due to anthropogenic activities,the addition of this program is pertinent to the goals of FRSGC.We expect that this addition of the new program will make the research of the FRSGC more fruitful.

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